This character appears only in the anime and is considered non-canon.

This article covers a character that has been deemed non-canon as it does not involve the manga. Thus it cannot be considered "real" to the rest of the Marmalade Boy universe.

Character information
Name in Japanese 高瀬弥生
Romaji translation Takase Yayoi
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black Brown
Relationships Tsutomu Rokutanda (boyfriend)

Yayoi Takase (高瀬弥生 Takase Yayoi) is the girlfriend of Tsutomu Rokutanda


Meeting TsutomuEdit

Tsutomu and Yayoi first met on New Year's at a shrine. He had just prayed for a girl hundred times prettier than Arimi Suzuki, when they first saw each other. Yayoi was separated from her friends and Tsutomu offered to help her search for them. She found her friends and left Tsutomu by himself.

Yayoi tried to give chocolates to a boy she liked on Valentine’s Day at the park. He rejected her and refused the chocolates for he liked someone else. Tsutomu accidentally overheard this and comforted Yayoi. Yayoi gave the chocolate to Tsutomu and they shared it with one another. They began to date sometime after. He gave Yayoi a jet memo, the one similar to Arimi's, where they tell fortunes and write things.

Physical appearanceEdit

Yayoi has shoulder length black hair (which she usually holds in place with a hairband) and black brown eyes. She also has a high forehead with a thin fringe/bangs.

Personality and traitsEdit

Yayoi is a sweet and kind girl who is always happy to have a good time with her friends and support them when needed (especially when it comes to Tsutomu!), a good example of this is when she took part in a ploy to reunite Ginta and Arimi (which worked).

Due to her late appearance in the show, further character traits have yet to be seen.


Tsutomu RokutandaEdit

Yayoi and Tsutomu seem to have a good and steady relationship as Yayoi continues to be a support to Tsutomu whenever he gets into a slump. Also, unlike Tsutomu's friends, she enjoys his over exuberant behaviour and doesn't appear to get embarrassed when he gets into scrapes with Ginta or Michael.

Behind the scenesEdit

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  • Yayoi Takase appears only in the anime version of Marmalade Boy, and voiced by Miki Inoue in Japanese and Stephanie Sheh in English.